Medicinal Spicy Tofu to Beat Brain Fog

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  • 14 ingredientsPrep: 15 minsCook: 10 mins
    Picture of Alice Sun

    Alice Sun

    Sep 6, 2022

    There are days where my mind just doesn’t feel sharp. When I’m in a funk of brain fog, I tend to turn to spicier foods to help me break out of that cycle. In Chinese medicine, sudden brain fog can be a sign of Yang deficiency, meaning that the person has lower Yang qi. Yang represents the active energies in the body that power metabolism, govern motivation, and action. When someone is Yang deficient, the person will usually feel groggy, colder, and clammier than usual, despite warm temperatures outside.

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    To counter Yang deficiency, Chinese medicine recommends adding a little heat or spice to food and cutting down on raw foods! I know, salad can sometimes not be the best for you!!!

    Try this 15 minute one pot gochujang glazed tofu instead — it’ll knock your socks off with flavor and hopefully help with beating out brain fog. ‘

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