Collagen Boosting Bamboo | Food as Skincare

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    There are SO many plant based collagen sources and this one happens to be one of the most delicious and in season!

    Meet the humble bamboo — an incredible sustainable source of food, in season between spring and late summer, and filled with silica, a mineral that’s crucial for the production of collagen.

    Here’s how to make it ⬇️ Serves 1-2:


    • 1 bamboo sprout or 3-4 thin bamboo shoots

    • 1 tbsp mirin

    • 1 tbsp soy sauce

    • 1 tbsp sugar or honey

    • 1/4 cup water

    • Soba noodles (optional)

    • Soba dashi:

      • 1 tbsp dashi concentrate

      • 3/4 cup water

    • Scallions for garnish


    • Start by peeling off the tough exterior skin of the bamboo until you hit the softer pale yellow interior

    • Cut into bite sized pieces then blanch in boiling water for 3-4 mins; otherwise the bamboo will be numbing to the mouth

    • In a separate pot, combine the mirin, soy sauce, sugar, and water and bring to a boil

    • Add the boiled bamboo sprouts in and let it simmer, for about 15 mins until the sauce becomes syrupy

    • For the soba, cook the noodles according to package instructions, and make the soba dipping sauce using a broth concentrate

    • Add some scallions to the dipping sauce and enjoy the noodles with the bamboo