Anti-Inflammatory Bone Broth for Glowing Skin

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  • 10 ingredientsPrep: 30 minsCook: 4 hrs, 10 mins
    Picture of Alice Sun

    Alice Sun

    Mar 29, 2023

    This is a perfect stock to make on a Sunday, when you have a few hours at home, watching a Korean drama to decompress before the Sunday scaries truly set in.

    In many cultures bone broth has been seen as a medicine and for such good reasons:

    • Collagen is more easily absorbed via broth than via supplements:
      • On the one hand, bone broth contains a lot of collagen itself but through the boiling process, becomes more bioavailable / easier for your body to absorb vs collagen supplements.
    • Helps body PRODUCE more collagen:
      • Just consuming more collagen isn’t necessarily helpful, you actually need to provide the building block nutrients to your body to help it create more collagen. That’s where bone broth really shines! The broth itself contains a ton of other nutrients like amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that are important for collagen production, while most collagen supplements don’t take that into account.

    For this stock, I’ve added in a few more Chinese herbal ingredients that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties but these aren’t necessary to get the most benefits from bone broth alone. But if you want to check out most of the Chinese medicinal herbs I use on a daily/weekly basis, I’ve created a list on Amazon here.

    Now let’s get into the recipe!

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