Natural UTI Remedy: Hibiscus Corn Silk Tea

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  • 4 ingredientsPrep: 5 minsCook: 20 mins
    Picture of Alice Sun

    Alice Sun

    Sep 19, 2022

    Here’s a less sugary option for treating UTIs and regulating your system. This hibiscus corn silk tea is the ultimate daily drink for healthy and balanced 🐱 and 🍆 and it just requires two ingredients. You’ll need corn silk and hibiscus and here’s why.

    Corn silk has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine mainly as a diuretic. Diuretics help flush you out, which of course helps promote balance down there. It’s also great if you’re having trouble going number 2 💩.

    Hibiscus has also been used for centuries by various cultures around the world for its high vitamin c properties, its connection to lowering blood pressure, and "cooling” properties to reduce inflammation.

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