Skincare in a Bowl: Watermelon Tajin Salad

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    Sweet - tangy - spicy - salty: the perfect combo of flavors in one bite. And it’s got all the ingredients that’ll keep your skin hydrated and bouncy in the summer?! We love a multitasking dish 😊 This would be perfect to bring for fourth of July cookouts, summer picnics, and any summer potluck you find yourself. Here’s how to make it:


    • 1/2 red onion, diced

    • 1/2 jalapeno, de-seeded and diced

    • 1 persian cucumber, diced

    • 1/4 watermelon, diced

    • 1-2 tsp tajin

    • 1-2 pinches of salt

    • Fresh corn tortillas, if you want to make chips from scratch


    • Wash the red onion after dicing, if you want to get rid of the bitter spiciness, then mix it together in a bowl with all the other ingredients

    • For making fresh chips, heat up a pan with a layer of canola oil

    • In the meantime, cut the tortillas into triangles, then once the oil is smoking, gently drop the tortilla pieces in

    • Fry lightly until golden brown, then drain on a paper towel

    • Salt while it’s hot and enjoy with the salad!