How to Use Pork Belly as Medicine (Mille-Feuille Nabe Recipe)

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    Picture of Alice Sun

    Alice Sun

    Sep 15, 2022

    In traditional Chinese medicine, pork belly is an extremely healing protein source that is particularly helpful for maintaining spleen and stomach health. But when cooked in a soup with a cooling ingredient like cabbage, it can help decrease Yang energy or the fiery qi that is responsible for inflammation and bloating.

    If you’re not familiar, Chinese medicine is all about maintaining balance in your Yin and Yang energies. Yin energy is cooling, calming energy while Yang energy is the heat that powers blood flow but too much can also be negative, leading to insomnia, acne, and overall inflammation. A huge aspect of Chinese medicine is leveraging food to maintain these balances, but also emphasizes the importance of mental health too.

    After all, we can nourish our bodies as much as we can, but with a frazzled mind we can still do harm to our bodies. Now, on to the recipe for this mille-feuille nabe!

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