Valentine's Steak Donburi

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    Just like there’s no one right way to love, there’s no one perfect dish for Valentine’s! But if your Valentine is anything like mine, who prefers salty over sweet, making this easy steak donburi is the perfect treat.

    Serves 2

    Level: Intermediate

    Time: 1 hour


    • 1 cut of NY Strip Steak or any thick cut steak you prefer

    • 1 -2 tbsps of butter with 3 garlic cloves and handful of thyme and/or rosemary

    • 2 cups of rice

    • 1/4 cup mirin

    • 1 tbsp sugar

    • 1/4 cup soy sauce or ponzu sauce

    • 2 eggs

    • Salt and pepper to taste

    • Scallions for garnish


    • Pat your steak dry then salt and pepper on both sides

    • Let it marinate for 40 mins — if you have a sous vide, pop it in the water bath for about an hour at 125-130F for medium rare

    • In the meantime, set your rice to cook in a rice cooker

    • Before you start making the steak, bring a pot of water to boil, turn off the heat, then gently drop in two eggs and let them sit there for 20 mins

    • Once the steak is ready, get a cast iron or copper pan on high heat with a bit of neutral oil

    • Sear the fat cap first until nicely golden brown, before letting it sear on either side for about 1-2 mins or until golden brown and crusty.

    • Add your butter, garlic, and herbs then baste the steak till nice and glossy

    • Remove the steak from the pan while you prepare the sauce

    • Drain off the excess butter from the pan used to sear the steak, then add in the mirin to deglaze.

    • Next sprinkle in the sugar and pour in the soy sauce, cooking until the sauce thickens

    • Now you can slice your steak, arrange in a bowl with rice, then crack the egg on top

    • Finish with a drizzle of the sauce and scallions