Peach Jelly

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    Ever heard of peach gum? To me, it looks like those 🌟 snacks that the dust balls would get in Spirited Away 😂

    Peach gum or peach resin is the dried resin found on the peach tree. It’s commonly recommended in traditional chinese medicine for skin health, cooling qi, and can have a big impact when it comes to those monthly cramps. These can be added to any dish for a fun texture, but I really like it in this sweet dessert soup!

    3 cups water
    1 tbsp dried peach gum, rehydrated (aka peach resin aka tao jiao aka 桃膠)
    ½ cup longan, pitted (fresh or canned both work)
    3 slices of ginger
    ¼ cup dried jujube dates
    10 grams rock sugar

    Rehydrate the dried peach gum in 1 cup of water. I recommend soaking over night.
    On the next day, pick out any black spots from the peach gum. Those are impurities or dirt that’s been trapped in the gum.
    Next, peel and deseed your longan, if using fresh ones.
    Once the peach gum and longan are ready, bring 3 cups of water to a boil.
    Add in ginger slices and jujube dates and simmer for 10 mins.
    Add in your peach gum, rock sugar, and longan, then simmer for another 10 mins.
    Enjoy hot or cold!

    Curious to know if you guys have had peach gum in other forms - would love to learn more about this mysterious little ingredient!