Milk Tea Vegan Mochi

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    10 Min Milk tea Mochi🧋 Here’s how to make it ✨. Linked all the ingredients in the recipe below:



    • Add 140 grams glutinous rice flour with 320 grams condensed oat milk to a microwave proof bowl.

    • Bring 150 ml oat milk to a light simmer and add 1 tbsp black tea.

    • Simmer for 5 mins. Strain and add to the rice flour.

    • Whisk till smooth then cover with wrap or lid and microwave for 2 mins.

    • Mix the rice flour till smooth, cover and microwave another 2 mins.

    • Mix well with spatula and keep flipping and pressing in the bowl until dough is cool enough to touch.

    • Sprinkle with rice flour so it’s not too sticky then sprinkle rice flour on your work surface. Knead dough till smooth.

    • Cut and roll into bite sized balls and enjoy with tea!