Pork Belly Cucumber Noodles

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    This is a Sichuan inspired dish, usually served cold! It’s really refreshing for the summer but I find that it makes the perfect quick and easy lunch/dinner for a weekday. It’s really just 20 mins of active cooking time.

    Serves 3-4

    Time: 40 mins


    • For the Pork:

      • 1 lb pork belly (skin on or off)

      • 2 tbsp Shaoxing wine

      • 1 tbsp sichuan pepper corns

      • 2 scallions

      • 6 slices of ginger

      • 2 star anise

      • 6 cups of water

    • For the Sauce

      • 1 tsp grated ginger

      • 1 finely chopped scallion

      • 6-7 cloves of grated garlic

      • 1.5 tbsp red chili flakes

      • 1 tsp five spice powder

      • 1 tsp sugar

      • Pinch of salt & black pepper

      • ~1/4 cup of boiling hot oil (just enough to make a thick slurry, no more)

      • 1 tbsp soy sauce and black vinegar each

    • 1 tsp sesame oil

    • Handful of sesame seeds

    • 1 cucumber

    • Noodles of choice


    • Start by boiling the 6 cups of water until it’s a rolling boil, then dropping in your pork belly, shaoxing wine, scallions, ginger, star anise, and sichuan peppercorns

    • Decrease the heat to medium and let the pork belly boil for 40 mins

    • In the meantime, just relax until the last 10 mins where you put noodles to cook and start making the sauce

    • For the sauce, heat up 1/4 cup of veggie oil or neutral oil. You’ll know it’s hot enough when you place a chopstick into the oil and see it bubbling immediately.

    • In a separate heat proof bowl, combine the garlic, ginger, scallion, spices, but save the soy sauce and black vinegar for LATER

    • Pour the hot oil onto the dry mix and let it bubble, making sure to stir so that all ingredients get soaked by the oil

    • Once it’s a little cooler, add in the soy sauce and vinegar and mix well.

    • To serve, take a tbsp of the sauce you just made and mix with 1/3 cup of the pork broth made from simmering the pork belly. Then add in 1 tsp sesame oil and some sesame seeds.

    • Place your noodles into a bowl, add in shaved cucumber and pork belly then pour on the sauce and mix well. Adjust seasoning to taste with a little more soy sauce or vinegar.