Anti-Inflammatory Protein Chirashi Bowl

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    Fish was one of the proteins I could never have too much of when I was healing from my rosacea and period cramps under the guidance of my Chinese medicinal practitioner 🐟 After years of researching and making fish, I’ve found this to be my favorite way of having it on those hot summer nights when I can’t be bothered with turning on the stove!


    • Tuna sashimi

    • Salmon sashimi

    • Yellowtail sashimi

    • Lotus root, sliced and boiled (comes prepackaged)

    • Fresh cucumber, diced

    • Pickled yellow daikon

    • 1 Tbsp of soba concentrate or soy sauce

    • 1 tbsp mirin

    • 2 tbsp sushi rice vinegar

    • 2 tbsp water

    • 1 tbsp sugar

    • Pinch of wasabi paste

    • 2 cups of cooked and cooled sushi rice

    • For the sushi rice:

      • 2 tbsp sushi rice vinegar

      • 2 tbsp sugar


    • Start by slicing up your sashimi, then setting to the side

    • Dice up the cucumber, cut the lotus root slices in half, and dice up your pickled daikon

    • Now mix up your sushi rice sauce by combining the vinegar and sugar and stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved

    • Sprinkle the sauce of the rice, making sure to turn the rice frequently

    • To arrange, place the veggies down first to protect the sashimi from cooking, then layer

    • Mix together the sashimi sauce with the vinegar, mirin, soy sauce/concentrate, and sugar, then spoon over the fish — I did about 2 tbsps — and enjoy!