Japanese Style Cold Tofu for Hydrated Skin

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    This is for those days where you’re skin is parched, dry, or inflamed — make sure to up your hydration and add a bit more tofu into your meals!

    When cooked in this style, tofu is sure to help calm the skin while adding hydration back to the body.


    • Block of silken tofu

    • 1 handful Bonito flakes for the sauce and enough to top your tofu

    • 4-5 pieces of dried kelp for the sauce

    • Soba broth concentrate

    • 1 inch of daikon radish

    • 1 scallion


    • Start by making a dashi aka soup, by boiling the Bonito flakes and kelp in 1.5 cups of water for 5 mins

    • At the end, strain and reserve the stock for the sauce and keep extra for miso soup

    • Cut the tofu block to desired size then cover in paper towel to dry and drain

    • In the meantime peel and grate the daikon then squeeze the water out of the pulp - keep to the side for topping

    • Chop up the scallion for the topping as well

    • For the sauce, mix 1 tsp of soba concentrate with 2 tbsps of the dashi broth

    • To serve, remove the tofu from the paper towel, add on the sauce, top with remaining fresh Bonito flakes, scallions, and radish

    • To make it a meal, enjoy with soba!